رواية "رحلة كادح" من تأليفي (عباس آل حميد). أرجو مساعدتي على نشرها إلكترونياً، تعميما للمنفعة. يقول عنها الدكتور كفاح فياض "رحلة كادح" كتاب فريد من نوعه، من كاتب تجرأ على طرح أسئلة قوية وجريئة في وجود الانسان وخالقه، وأجاب عنها من خلال سلسلة مواقف عاشها وعايشها فجاءت من الصميم لتدخل الى صميم القارىء، وتجعله يتبصر ويفكر من زوايا مختلفة. وما ميز الكتاب هو واقعية المواقف بأماكنها وبأسمائها، التي رواها بأسلوب سهل وسلس فتشعر وكأن الكاتب يرويها لك وجها لوجه، وتعيش الموقف وتتأثر به، فيجيب عن الأسئلة

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    As requested, here is the translation: 

    The state of "Journey industrious" from my synthesis (Abbas Al-Hamid). Please help me to publish electronically, for the benefit of circular. He says Dr. Kifah Fayad "Journey industrious" book is unique, from the writer dared to ask questions strong and bold in the presence of man and his creator, and answered them through a series of positions lived and experienced and came from the heart to enter into the heart of the reader, and make it _____and think from different angles. What characterized the book is realistic attitudes ____ and spade, narrated by easy and smooth manner you feel as if the writer tell you face to face, and live and are affected by the position, answers questions. 

    There are two words that did not translate. I've left lines in their place. If you need anything else translated, use the Google translator: 


    He/she added to it after I'd answered.
    Delete my comment as you did my answer.

    I'm actually going to leave your answer so others can understand your answer was correct without having all the information as to what brag233 needed.

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