Who Are Your Favourite Stand-Up Comics?

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    Jimoen. You've probably never heard of him.He's an Irishman living down under.He cracks me up.


    Is he the one who talks about his experience with a Barium enema?


    Could be.It's the kind of thing he gets into.LOL.
    One of my favourites of his goes :- " I hate it when your in bed & you get an itchy butt,& you can't scratch it 'cause you haven't got any underpants on".

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    Now that's funny! I'll have to look for him, thanks)
    Actually, it was Billy Connolly that I was remembering

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    Sounds like a class act! lol

    Sometimes comics experience writers block.
    That's when you really have to dig.

    Not if you're not wearing underpants!

    There are a lot of stand-ups who visit a radio program I listen to weekday mornings. I don't watch the comedy shows, so am not really current, but I do enjoy a heavyset country-type (I want to say Ralphie?), and always enjoyed George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Jerry Seinfeld.


    Ralphie May! I enjoy all of them too.

    Ex; George Carlin: "Try this. Go into the dry cleaners and tell them you would like your buttons rotated!"
    You may also like Dana Gould.
    Have a good day!

    Conan O’brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld,Amy Pollard, Julie-Louise Dreyfus.  There are some other comics on Conan O’brien who stand out. Record it if you don’t want to stay up till 11:35, I never ever watch a program at its regular time. I like RECORD. ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhaahaha

    “A clown is a transcendental saint"


    That's quite a mantra you have there, but seriously...
    hee hee hee hee hahaha, I'm rising!
    There you are!
    Wow :0

    Big Bang Theory is a hillarious TV show. All the actors on that show are STANDING UP. I've never watched a show that I didn't laugh hard at at least twice.


    Bazinga right back atcha. Figtree, you've got to watch Conan this week. He's doing clips from 1993. He was truly awful then. It seemed there was a lot of but showing and really stupid stuff. This doesn't mean I don't like him. Twenty years ago he was a kid. He's grown sophisticated and very very very funny. You can watch clips on the internet. If you're interested, I will give you the address tomorrow.

    Sounds like fun!
    I'll be sure and look for it, thanks ;)

    Amongst currently active stand-ups, Chris Rock is king,


    I have a CR cd and it ALWAYS makes me laugh. The best one is a comparison of 2 groups of people, and one of them has got to go.

    I enjoy R-rated acts. It's not the foul language that attracts me but the taboo subject-matter that great comedians fearlessly dissect.
    The largest comedy festival in the world is held annually in Montreal. One of its most popular shows is called "The Nasty Show"
    Definitely not for the politically-correct sensitive types.


    I thank you kindly for sharing.

    I didn't like him when I had seen him way back on Saturday Night Live.
    I might listen to him again...thanks!

    Just reading over some of the favorites has reminded me of some who make me laugh, just thinking about them. George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock. Wondering if any of you ever saw a TV series called "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with Larry David? Lots of PC missing from that one! Hilarious!


    Was Larry David one of the guys who created CHEERS and FRASIER?

    He was definitely a comedy writer (still is) before he was the main character in this series.

    Just checked...Seinfeld and a bit on SNL.

    I have seen so many reruns of so many shows, but there are some that get an out loud laugh from me no matter what!

    I like to watch Seinfeld, even when he is a guest on a talk show. He is just so naturally funny.

    Jack Benny and Bob Hope were my favorites of old, and of cause the English ones Tommy Cooper, Benny Hill, Eric Morcombe & Eirnie Wise. Nowadays there are not many that I find very funny, apart from Alan Carr, Bradley Walsh, and one or two others.


    Chatty man's on tonight!
    I like him too.

    Yes I like the way he greets his guests, hello love what you like to drink, cherry aid, Lambrusco ? he make me laugh.

    When Benny Hill broadcast here, he was a "must see"....what a hoot~!

    I remember a Benny Hill bit with Little Bo Peep.
    "Wie can't looken for der sheepen in der rainin"
    Also a group song that the cast sang;
    I have got a bell....I have got a bell.....
    I have got a bell....What shall I do with it?
    Ding it with your donger...Ding it with your donger.....
    Hilarious stuff!

    One and only :D

    Kevin Hart, Cedric The Entertainer, Craig Robinson

    Puffy, Eddie Murphy, Louis CK

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