how to trained 10 month golden labra dour at this stage . is it possible or not and how

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    It's never too late to train a dog, 10 months old is still a puppy.

    Check the links here :

    Honestly, even an old dog can learn new tricks, as my youngest son proved with 3 dogs of various age and breed. How did he do it?  TIME and  CONSISTENCY were probably the two biggest factors in their success. The dogs liked and trusted my son, too.
    You can find dog training books at pet stores, book stores, the local library, and on the internet.  You can register for a class through adult ed or, again, through a pet store or an organization devoted to   dogs.
    A 10 month old dog is mature enough to follow direction and young enough to be easily manipulated.  Enjoy the bonding.  

    You can start training ASAP never hit or shout at your dog it will not learn from that and it's cruel start of with easy commands like site raise your hand in the air with a treat and raise it down it should sit once it sits give it the treat and make a fuss and say good girl or good boy always reward with a treat once you have mastered all the training you can start weening of the treats treat this training as good positive stuff the dog will pick this up and will be eager to start training good luck

    Romos yes I have seen it pugsy love her to bits x

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