how to get to bios battery, on VIRGIN FREEDOM MEDIA fm v10 notbook???

    How to change a bios battery, on VM F10, VIRGIN FREEDOM MEDIA noetebook

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    Send it out to be repaired. Since you are asking, you do not know what you are doing. I believe the bios battery is the internal battery. This may require gutting your computer to get to it. If you have a Best Guy near you, take it there and have the Geek Squad help you or do it for you.

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    Hi Colleen, thanks for replying, I do know what I am trying to do, I admit I cannot get the notebook apart, but I am doing it as a favour, ie I will not rip of anyone as they do in shops...
    I know what the bios is,its the internal battery,also what it looks like, just need advice on dismantling, not gutting it. Thanks again.Ray

    You will have to find a geek forum then. No one here is a computer tech. We are a general question and answer forum. My comment was meant to deter you from attempting something you do not know how to do. We get many people here crying for help because they thought they could repair their computer but instead killed it ;) Good luck!

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