what is a female child of an unwed mother called?

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    A daughter.

    Lucky, some men know their limitations, some women don’t clue the dad of impending events. Being the daughter of a strong, unwed mother engenders strength of character. I know of just such a daughter, but I don’t know her name or where she is. I wouldn’t recognise her if she walked right up to me. I wish she would so I could tell her I love her and get to know her.

      The state of being unwed and female are irrelevant so she would be called a little girl...


    Funny how the avatar assigned to this member makes it look like the answer being sought might be offensive to some.

    DAUGHTER is the best answer, as we now shield children from what once was their shame. Glorifying unwed parenthood is a problem growing around the world.

    Families aren't perfect, but I still believe they are the best place for children to be raised. Mom and Dad, not grandparents, at least at the start. Give family a chance.. And, yes, too often, living with parents isn't good, either.

    I often think if the government didn't step in to support all the illegitimate kids, would people continue to perpetuate them, knowing the responsibility would rest completely on them?

    she usually takes the mother's last name, but I have known some unwed mothers who gave their child the father's last name.

    Bastard,child of unwed parents..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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