Are Jews really Chosen People?

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    *My opinion take it or leave it. Jews and everyone else are God's chosen people, including even those who do not believe in God. Every person who has existed, still exists and will exist in the future are all God's chosen people. God loves all equally and without conditions. Religions who believe God loves them best are the cause of most wars in this world, past, present and possibly future unless we learn to stop fighting and trying to claim God as only ours. 

    How odd of God to choose the Jews,

    But not so odd as those who choose a Jewish God, yet spurn the Jews

    We know the tragic historical consequences that have resulted out of this ridiculous religious belief. 

    Whether you're a Jew who believes this garbage or a non-Jew who resents the idiocy, trouble is bound to happen. And it has...and it will... thanks be to god !

    He communicated mostly with them back in ancient days, b/c they were the only culture that prayed to only one god  ( Him )  ,.......and didn't worship idols and other gods. They acknowledged the one true God.

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