I have a chevy p/u truck with the vin# CE148A170564. can you give me the brake down of that vin#?

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    How to read a Chevy truck VIN 

    Look at the dashboard of the Chevy truck to find the VIN number. It is printed on a strip that is attached to the dashboard, usually where the windshield meets the dash.

    Identify the first three characters in the Chevy truck's VIN. This is the world manufacturer identifier. For a Chevy truck, you might see 1G1, which means it is a Chevrolet manufactured in the United States.

    Check out the fourth character to learn the weight rating code for the Chevy truck. For example, G would mean 8,001 to 9,000 pounds. The fifth character identifies the line of the truck. Examples include a 4 for a 1/2-ton heavy duty.

    Examine the sixth character in the Chevy truck's VIN to find out the body style of the vehicle. There could be a 3 for a four-door cab or a 4 for a two-door cab.

    Discover what kind of restraint type is present in the Chevy truck with the seventh character in the VIN. For example, a 3 means the truck has a driver's side airbag, while a 9 means seatbelts only.

    Find the eighth character in the VIN to identify the engine type for the truck. A number 1 in this spot means a 6.6-liter V8 diesel. The ninth character stands for the check digit for the Chevy truck. This number is to verify the accuracy of the previous VIN characters.

    Look to the 10th character of the Chevy truck's VIN to find the model year. Match the numeral with a corresponding model year on a Chevrolet VIN decoder chart.

    From the 11th character, learn the factory where the Chevy truck was manufactured. For example, T would be from the Tarrytown, Louisiana, plant.

    The rest of the digits are a serial number assigned to the Chevy truck as it came off the manufacturing line. This serial number is on no other Chevy truck and further makes the VIN a truly individualized identification tag.

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