Why does an online business like in Arizona, Utah, and New York allowed to destroy so many peoples financial lives?

    ...filled out a survey from one of these contest entry pages  and said I wanted to  be involved with an online business. Working a business online is like developing one in brick and mortar. If you don't have a degree in business management.,you have no business, excuse the pun, starting one. I was called had to have access to 10k to access the web sight, training another 5  C. In New York City another 1, 497 dollars to hire a team (one time charge) to handle the 'taxes'... Anyway, stupid me used my Visa Credit card, Visa doesn't recognize online signatures, but I lost anyway because the company had an 'original' of my electronic signature on a page in their snail folder. SOOOOO ..I'm screwed as far as doing business on the Internet, buying items, paying for programs like Zone Alarm Premium or basic even. I sure wish online businesses could use Western Union digital  like they do Pay Pal, Master Card, and Visa.  Someday...Internet currency. Where you put the 'snail' bill in an envelope and route it through a bank to the 'creditor' business you purchase from.  This idea is  unfortunately in the same area as electric cars in an EXXON fuel environment.

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    I truly have sympathy for your situation, and know you have learned a horribly expensive lesson, which we hear over and over again, but sometimes don't think it applies to us: 
    WHENEVER you are requested to provide account information or access, or to pay for services you haven't received, BEWARE. That $10,000 to begin with would have made me run in the opposite direction.
    I would suggest you contact an attorney to see if you have any right to compensation of anything. The company has probably perfected their disclaimers, but it doesn't hurt to look into it. 
    Companies like that one, and  countless others, ruin people financially because the people (1) do not read the "fine print"; (2) think they can make an exorbitant amount of money with minimal time and investment.  

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