This makes me sick, these people think they are right!

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    OK, over 50 views, no one has an answer to this crap, I suppose?

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    I wish I had the definitive answer, and a voice that was heard. 
    The sheer ugliness and unfocused reign of their terror is paralyzing.  They may say they have a target, but the head count (literally) certainly proves otherwise.
    I didn't agree with the Ottoman Turks or the Nazis, but............


    There have been two more arrests, the plot thickens, these guys were born here in the UK and allegedly radicalised themselves on the internet............WTF??????

    i agree Romos, they make me sick as well. It's a pity the police didn't shoot them dead in the street, they do not deserve to live, they are the scum of the earth , and it will happen gain unless they stop these people coming into the country.


    Seemingly they were born here, they need to stop radicalising on the internet, these guys think they are heroes.



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    The police and authorities seem to know what most people are doing on the internet, so they should be able to stop this happening on the internet , they may think they are heroes , but they are certainly not . The heroes are the people like the soldier they murdered, who go off and fight wars so that people like us can live in freedom. i hope these two scum rot in hell.

    I feel your anger. Terrorist, homegrown or otherwise are everywhere and it seems no one is doing much about them. From what I understand, these two were known to the MI5. They had to be doing something radical or extreme to get the attention of the MI5. Someone had to know they posed a threat. There should be a way to stop them before they bring violence.

    We are dealing with that same issues here in the USA. The older brother of the Boston bombers was known to be radical yet he and his brother were granted US Citizenship even though two nations warned this government about Tamerlan's terrorist type activities and he had been investigated by the FBI who dropped the ball and did not nail him for crimes he committed and did not nail him for extended trips to his homeland while receiving government aid to live here.

    How to fix this problem, I do not know except to say anyone who exhibits signs that they are terrorists, traitors or radicals should be removed from society or deported if they are not natural born to the country. Like the one yesterday who said clearly on the video that Afghanistan was his country and the people of Afghanistan were his people. Well he should have been living there, not in England even if he were natural born to England. If this is the reason MI5 was watching him and the other, then they should have had them removed already.


    They should be executed the same way that the innocent soldier was, but slower and more painful, I'm not a violent person, but I can be tempted!

    Yes, the same video has been shown on the news over there. They have not shown it here in the states that I know of however. I wish it had not been given air time since that is exactly what they wanted.

    England does not have a death penalty but for terrorists like these two, they should have one. The police are not allowed to shoot to kill either. That law should be changed too. Traitors and terrorist should not be allowed to live to smugly live with their pride of having taken a life in such a brutal fashion or any fashion at all due to warped and insane beliefs.

    Exactly, they shot the Bs in the legs seemingly, took them 20mins to respond, don't get me started!

    Well, guns are illegal there so that could be the reason they resorted to machetes. The gun the one scumbag had was apparently so old it was rusted. Probably one he bought off the streets. Karma was served when the scumbag pulled the trigger however and it misfired and blew his fingers off. As for the time it took to get police there who could stop them, there are only a few officers who are allowed to use guns. Another thing that needs to change. There are too many terrorists embedded in our countries now. We all need more protection from them.

    These are extremely moronic individuals, I know they are all over the world but this is really extreme, they seemed to enjoy what they were doing, sick, sick, sick!
    Nigerian parents have disowned them BTW!

    This is where they get it from. These people should be allowed in no other land than the land that believes in this crap. The people of England need to unite and rise up against this inhumane, barbaric thinking. If these people want to live this way, they should not invade a country that does not live under the law of this religion. England should not have allowed such a protest in their streets, just like the USA should not allow illegal aliens to protest in our streets. It just gives them a sense of power when they are allowed a voice such as one hears on this video:
    They should have been rounded up and deported or exiled from the country.

    Vengeance applied by race, color, language, sect and such is ambiguity, not justice in retrospect.    Ambiguity is inexactness, missing the mark, a sin. The error of Jihad, the war against unbelievers, is   that it is inconsiderate of God by any other name but Allah. Your name is the name of God given you at your birth and it is Holy, one of the many names of God, Allah. There is no exclusion among the children of our Divine Creation. We are all children of God by all the names we are also known by.  


    These guys cut this young fathers head off in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street while spouting that it was in the name of Allah,makes you wonder what he thinks about some of his loyal devotees?

    Ego is prominent among zealots seeking admission to Heaven by our blood, their sacrifice of us for their recognition and fame, Consider how their families are treated and respected by their own when their household head or son or daughter dies while killing in Allas name." My son the martyr, died sending heathens to hell and now we are supported because of his actions.” If Christians had that in their belief system we would have hunted Moslems to extinction by now. So the issue is a version of "powder keg Poker.”

    "powder keg poker" or not, these followers of Allah are wrong warped individuals, I really do hope no other followers of Islam thinks like them, but I'm afraid that is not the case.

    hey romos,,,this sort of crap is not far away from happening in aussie,,,and that is a VERY bad shame,as we see it happening in other countries,,and we dumbly do nothing,there are certain cultures that will never mix with their opposites,,what gets me ,is these people are born pommey,i am very proud to be aussie and would fight and die for  the land of my birth,,these people want to fight and die for a land they dont even know or know them,,sorry for bei long winded,,,,,,,,,,


    Not long winded at all mate, these guys seemingly "radicalised" themselves online, sick minds make people do sick things, something happens every day here now.

    Romos, i saw the murder on tv last night, an innocent young soldier brutally hack to death by two converted muslims. These guys are just cowards, the punishment should be time spent in a military prison, unfortunely this will happen in Australia as muslims will not assimulate in a non muslim society, the biggest problem with most refugees is they bring hatred with them. If there comments are viewed as racism so be it. --- i just finished watching the news, Sydney is a powder keg at the moment as there is call to rid all muslims out of the country or have their religion banned completely, i afraid there will be retaliations world wide.


    These guys were born and bred here,it seems it's ok for "them" to spout on about Islamic Jihad against our troops, but if we were to protest similarly we would be arrested for racism, conundrum of living in a "democracy".

    And last night on the 10'0clock news here in the UK they interviewed a radical muslum clerick who was part of the group who helped radicalise these two scum bags, why give scum like him air time he is as guilty as the two murdering scum.

    Why do these people live here??
    I'll tell you why, they get away with all the crap that spouts from their mouths, the "PC" brigade and the European court for human rights can kiss my A$$, it makes me so angry!

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