Do you like huge jackpot like 590million going to one person or afew people OR rather have 590 new millionaires. Give your reason(s) please.

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    It would be a lot better for the economy to have 590 millionaires because 590 would buy a new home, new car, and many more things. If one person wins they will only buy one or two homes and 2 or 3 cars etc.


    Obama will be so proud of you.....LOL!

    The person picked the right numbers and won. It seems like an obscene amount to win, but it was fair and congrats to the winner.

    I fail to see the benefit of creating nearly 600 millionaires. I hope the winner uses good judgment in managing the proceeds.

    If I won, I don't think I'd be all that excited sharing it with 589 strangers. I have family, friends, and good works of my own with whom to share. AND, $1, 000, 000, while a great amount to win, won't really go too far if you buy a home and a car, and pay for college/trade scool, and pay debts, and help family and friends. Investing in non-taxables could give you a good income from interest. 

    Short answer, I am fine with one winner.


    I agree with you,Bob. Anything shy of half a billion ain't worth the bother. It's all or nothing for me !

    Really. Anything less is pocket change.

    Petty cash.

    Fountain fodder

    Most people who win big are worse off a few years later, they live a lifestyle they are not used to and give and blow monies such that they regret ever winning, such a curse, huh?

    Bob you must already be a millionaire because you think 1 million wont go very far. Just remember it has 6 zeros after 1.

    BTW my question is not directed to this one winner - good luck to him. I am referring to more prizes of 1 million.

    sawali, I was talking with my best friend this evening about the big winner and your question to us. She is nowhere NEAR being a millionaire, nor am I. She said, and I quote: "I would like to win $2,000,000. I would put away $1,000,000 for my son. A million doesn't really go very far...."
    It is a lot of money, but it won't do everything.

    Bob,glad you discussed with your friend. No amount of money can do everything. If you have 100k you want 200k and so on but believe me 1 million is a lot to be grateful for.

    Absolutely. I am happy when I find $1 in the dryer. It's never MINE, but still....

    What do you mean it is not your dollar, I told my wife years ago, anything she finds is hers...

    I always turn it over to the bozo who laundered the cash. It does happen to me once in awhile, usually a $5, and I like getting my money back.

    Oh, i'd like to see more than one person when a lot of money. It just doesn't seem fair that only one person won it all.........

    I would rather see 590 millionaires. If spent and invested wisely, $1M should be more than enough for any person/family to be very comfortable for the rest of their lives. To win such a huge jackpot of $590M would, for a lot of people, create more problems and work than it would be worth. I'll take a million and be happy to share with the rest of you!   :)

    hi sawili,,very good question,,and a lot of the answers are to be expected,,but thats people for you,, giving more people a share of a large pot would make a lot more people happier,,$100,000 would help a lot of people,that much money would make the world of differnce to me,,,if  a $100,000 would not do it for you,,a $1000,000 would destroy you,whatever you think money is worth,it is not worth life,,,

    Do not care either way, as long as I am one of them...  I never even win back any of the money that I "invest" on lotteries.  Boo Hoo...


    Same here. I probably buy no more than 3 tickets per year and never even get one number right, let alone win anything. :(

    I think everyone should have a share. In our town 50% of the people are hungry. (Heard it on the news)



    what do you mean by everyone?

    MY comment didn't make much sense at all.
    Maybe one million to each person? The people who would get the million would come from a drawing. This would be know from the beginning. This would help some people and others could just sneeze at it.
    There are way too many people who don't have enough. And way too many who have too much.
    "Everyone" would be the lucky ones who won in the drawing. There would be no more huge jackpots.
    I still didn't say this right.

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