How can I use cheat in CrossFire ?

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    Command Line Option
    To enable your PC's command line option for use in "Crossfire," you need to first establish a shortcut to the kknd2.exe file. You also need to edit the shortcut's properties by pressing the ALT and ENTER keys. In the target field, enter -badnews so that the field looks like this: Kknd2.exe -badnews.

    Enabling Cheats
    To activate the cheat codes for "Crossfire," press the CTL and TAB keys at the same time, which will open the command line option. A "cheats enabled" prompt will then appear and you will be able to access the game's cheats.

    "Crossfire" cheats perform several functions including winning or losing a level, receiving extra money and turning waypoint information on or off. You can activate them by entering a combination of command keys. For instance, by pressing the CTL followed by the M key, you will receive extra money, and by pressing the CTL followed by the C key, you will win the level.

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