I enjoy playing Hearts, Spades, Spin for Riches, Sudoku, Minecraft, and now Candy Crush (?) on my computer. Are any of you online gamers? What monopolizes your time? How much time do YOU fritter away every day playing games on your computer?

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    I confess....sometimes I get into a bit of Angry help me focus, you know?  lol


    I tried that on the phone screen...difficult.

    I like the occasional game of online golf, unfortunately I'm not as good at it as I was in the real world, I had to give the real game up due to an injury, I miss it a lot, I will get past the bumbling amateur stage on the online game one day I hope, I also like a game of poker online, just for fun though, no money to lay out.


    Golf is a real challenge on and off line! The poker games are pretty cool, with people from everywhere playing. You might be "sitting" next to one of us and not even know it!

    I don't play the games. I'm a sore loser and akaqa is addictive enough............


    Smart woman!

    I 2nd the part about akaQA , Jh. Hahaha.

    Every once in a while, I'll play a game, not any card games, but some kind of "challenge" where my fingers won't work fast enough. Then I get frustrated and leave.       :)


    You are way past "one up" on me. I keep at those games til 3 a.m. lol

    It may just be that you are a much more patient person than I am. Besides, I can't stay awake that late. :)

    Not so much patient as able to do some repetition without becoming bored.

    Find the hidden objects is a favourite of mine. Another one is Papas Burgeria, you have to take the customers order and make the hamburgers in a certain amount of time.


    That sounds like fun. What is the name of the hidden objects game? I see another game entering my existence....

    Thank you!

    Solitaire sometimes when I need a break from everyday things.


    Which kind? I like Spider Solitaire.

    I usually play the card solitaire, i think I prefere that version.

    Spider sol. is cards solitaire. It's a variation.

    Yes Bob I have just been giving it a try, good game, different.Yes it makes a change from the other solitare.

    Bob, I've been on Spider Solitare for the past two hours, I'm getting hooked, think I had better stop and have a cup of tea.

    It's like a slot more game, one more WIN, that is. Good luck! I play while watching tv and drinking my beverage of choice. Multi-tasking at its finest.

    I play:


    Microsoft Solitaire Collection > FreeCell, Klondike, TriPeaks, and my favorite, Spider

    I spend a lot of time on Taptiles


    And, I also spend a lot of time on Car Chaos


    This game my nephew challenges my score!


    I play Sudoku free and have been just doing the easy puzzles, because it keeps track of time. I have 3 games under 2 minutes. How people go faster is awe inspiring. Will have to try Klondike.

    I don't know how and where to get them on my internet / computer, PKB. But, when I had my first computer, there was a list on the side of my page to click on games like hearts, chess, checkers, etc.And you could play them live with other people on the net.. I used to play them and feel guilty about it, b/c it was taking me away from doing chores around the house.  I need a maid and a cook. Hahahah.


    I hear ya, mcm

    wwe 13


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