baby born early due to rh factor problems with mother, baby was under lights for jaundice then had a blood transfusion. After that her skin color changed making her look african american?

    can giving a blood transfusion in a baby with severe jaundice cause her skin to darken, making her look african american?

    My granddaughter was born early. Her mother and her had high RH factor, she had to be delivered by c section. She was placed under the lights but her levels were still high at 10 days old she received a blood transusion. Almost immediately her skin color darken. She was taken by cps because mother had drug issues. Baby was not born adicted to any drugs. I asked dr if it could cause skin changes they said possibly. CPS is now requesting DNA from my son to prove she is his. We have african american blood several generations back.

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    Have you asked the doctors this question?

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