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    My kenmore elite oasis washing machine will not drain. I ran the diagnostics and I get the following error codes F 71, F82, and F 68. While it runs it stops in the middle of C7 and shows the error code F71 SD. What can I do and what are the error codes for F 82 and F 68? I bought this washer off of craigslist and totally got burned on it so now they wont answer the phone etc. etc.

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    Well you're sort of out of luck here. I checked for an owners manual but you did not give the model number of your washer so I chose a random oasis washer. I went through the manual and found no error codes listed. Further search took me to a site where a repairman posted that Kenmore does not put the error codes in the user manual. They put them in service manual and only a repair tech can get the manual. Looks like you have to call a repair guy or call Kenmore to see if they will give you the meaning of each error code. 1-888-536-6673

    Here is the manual I looked at >  


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