Why is Ashplelt also called Tar Macaden,?


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     John Loudon McAdam (21 September 1756 – 26 November 1836) was a Scottish engineer and road-builder. He invented a new process, "macadamisation", for building roads with a smooth hard surface that would be more durable and less muddy than soil-based tracks.
    Modern road construction still reflects McAdam's influence. Of subsequent improvements, the most significant was the introduction of tar (originally coal tar) to bind the road surface's stones together – "tarmac" (for Tar Macadam) – followed later by the use of hot-laid tarred aggregate or tar-sprayed chippings to create better road metalling. More recently, oil-based asphalt laid on reinforced concrete has become a major road surface, but its use of granite or limestone chippings still recalls McAdam's innovation.

    I think Essex County Council could do with learning what TarMac is Dennis, we have more pot holes in he roads than they had in the year 100BC. You have to drive along avoiding the pot holes so much that you are not looking out for other traffic or people crossing the road. Now and again some one from the council ( oh let me rephrase that, two or three people) come along with some tarmac in a bucket, and throws it in the hole, that creates a bump which throws you across the road when you hit it. A friend of mine got pulled over by the police for taking action to avoid the pot holes. what they should be doing is going after the person or persons who are in charge of the roads at the council and charge them with putting peoples lives in danger by not keeping the roads up to scratch.


    I think most of the U.K roads are like that, quite sad given how much tax we have to pay to use them!

    Yes on TV programe a few weeks ago, they said that in the UK we pay about £45 Billion per year in road tax and petrol fuel tax, and that only about 8% of that is spent on the roads.

    I know Sunny, it's enough to make you cry!!

    Thats given me an idea to solve the unemploment situation,Get half of them to dig up all the bumps they put on the surrey roads,that is suspose o slow the traffic down,and get the other half to fill in the potholes in the Essex roads,??What about it?????SunnyB,


    Essex, Surrey, Hampshire.. all sounds the same, just as I suspected. I tried being pro-active and used Hampshires 'report a pothole' link a few weeks ago. I still have to drive round it each morning!

    you must go near to the Ile-of wight Nicam,

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