can motility of active 20% and sluggish 70% 10 dead impregnate

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    There is some useful information on these 2 websites.

    ''Normal sperm motility means that more than 40% of the sperm should be moving (swim forward, mates!).''

    ''The motility of the sperm is measured in terms of a percentage, and it represents that percentage of sperm which is moving forward correctly. In order to expect a good result, this percentage should not be lower than 50%'' -






    thanks bro, but can it impregnate a lady ?

    There seems to be no hard and fast answer to that, some with lower levels can achieve fertilisation yet some with higher cannot. There is also the other factor of your female partner, things like PH levels inside her body can help or hinder the process. I would say talk it over with your fertility doctors, they may be able to be more precise.

    I move around 20% of the time (to get and return my remote), sluggish 70% of the time and dead, 10%. There's 100% right there. No time for anything else. It just takes 1 active one or even 1 sluggish one. ""

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