should dogs fly?

    Our friends are going to fly their Golden from Fresno, California to Gladstone, Australia (Queensland) They will stay there for three years. eeeeeeeeeeeeew

    They have someone willing to take the sweet dog but the current owners can't give their dog up. If you were the owners would you fly the dog? Or would you give the dog the family who would give the dog love, food, and a lot of attention?

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    Woops! I made a typo when I wrote "ewwwwwwwwwww" I kinda leaned on the keys.

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    I've been to Gladstone many times & I wouldn't take my dog there.(Just kidding).I was born near there.(Bundaberg).My daughter took her 3 cats to Houston from here & they survived OK.So it can be done without being detrimental to the animal.


    Good to hear that Tommy. It's my son and daughter-in-law and Golden who are moving there for three years. Their living quarters will be nothing like the lavish places they've lived in in Florida. (But it's free from Bechtel) I hear it's a small, two bedroom place with one bathroom. What's that salty food you talk about. Sounds bad but y'all really like it.
    It will be better than Peru in the high high mountains when they dine one these little squirelly things.
    What's the weather like now? His wife hates the heat but I think it's winter there now.

    Cooling off nicely now.Sunny days cool nights.Incidentally my son in law used to work for Bechtel in Houston,San Fran & Salt lake City.It would be amazing if they knew each other Hey?
    Gladstone is a mining town in the sugar cane belt.Quite nice,small,everybody knows everybody.

    I'd have to know more about the conditions down in the hold of a plane before I'd let my cat or dog fly. And if it would be a  llllloooonnnngggggg  flight, then, NO .

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