How do I find out if someone is granted parole in Texas

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    Contact the correctional facility where the inmate is being held. Inform the officer that you want the parole date of an inmate they have in custody. Give the inmate's full name, birth date and any other information known, to help the officer locate the correct inmate. Once the officer finds the inmate's record they will provide you with their parole date and release date if applicable.

    Retrieve the inmate's parole date online. Visit the state's corrections website and access the inmate locator page. Enter the inmate's name and date of birth. Include the inmate's identification number for a more efficient search. Inputting the identification number will immediately pull up the inmate's correct profile, eliminating the hassle of having to sift through multiply same name profiles. Once the inmate is found, click on the name and view the complete profile. If the inmate is scheduled for parole, this information is usually always included in the profile. In a case when it's not included, call the prison directly and ask to be directed to the office that handles inmate information. The administrative officer can provide you with the parole date.

    Send a written request to the state correctional facility's parole board. The board can provide the inmate's scheduled parole date and hearings. Include the inmate's full name, birth date and identification number, if available. A case manager for the parole board notifies the offender of his hearing dates and may notify the family at their request. Family members are typically allowed to attend the inmate's parole hearings and speak on his behalf.

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