can blood pressure go up from stress alone without other health factors?

    is it possible for blood pressure to go from normal to 180/120 from stress alone?


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    It can, but it should return to normal within a reasonable time. Consistently high blood pressure can be a serious problem. I am not a doctor and would advise that you check with your health care professional.


    would you quack ,sorry cheak mine please,

    It can do, it certainly doesn't help, sometimes there are no known causes of HBP.

    Good info here :

    High blood pressure is called the silent killer! Get your's checked on a regular basis.  The medicine today does a good job of controlling this. 

    Yes it can go up just from stress, and it doe's in most people. As long as it comes down again it's not going to cause you much of a problem, but if you are worrying about it see you doctor, worry will only make it worse.

    there is a medical condition called essential hypertension........which means  someone who  has high B P  and there's no known factors that causes it. Like my grandfather who I never knew- - - - -He had high BP and he was slender, and never drank or smoked. ......according to my mother.

    Yes it absolutely can stress can also if bad enough cause one to have a heart attack that has no blood pressure problems or heart related problems.

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