Who owns the Hypotheory trademark rights?

    I always wondered. They are a big company. Do they divide it amongst special employees? How exactly does that work.

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    Hope this helps Anne! Very good company by the way, just purchased my second appliance with them; a wall oven. Currently own the range.






    I have performed minor research on the company. The owner of the trademark rights is Global Investor Solutions LLC.  This is verifiable factual data from a government source. They appear to be the sister/subsidiary company of Hypotheory Corporation, all under the same parent umbrella. This is perfectly normal with enterprise based operations. This company appears to be very large and stable. Any company with Goldman Sachs as a share holder are nearly always extremely financially strong. 

    Corporations do not issue trademark rights to their staff, that would defeat the purpose of owning the mark. At some points in time, they utilize staff with a background in IP. These individuals usually act as the registrars for the mark, so to speak. This may explain why some marks list individual names and mailing addresses temporarily or as registrars. Once that employee is terminated they usually assign it to another employee. 

    Please be advised, I am not providing legal advice. I am merely disclosing what is public information. I am a new attorney in the state of Kentucky. I have answered this question because it is a legally related matter derived around intellectual property.  I am a business attorney and would confidently consider myself an expert in this field. 

    -Andrew Edgington, ESQ

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