i have a boyfriend in jail that i truly love.i really want him to get of jail.he wants kids and he want to marry me.will he ever get out of to be with me?

    I have known this person for many years.we have got back together.i was his first love.he wants to have kids and be marry and thats what i want too.i want us to be a happy family.but rite now his in jail.just want to know will he ever get out so we can make this happen??

    will he get out of jail if he got a paying attorney?do i need to keep paying this attoreny?

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    We know nothing about this man or the length of time he will be incarcerated. Since he is in jail and not prison, I assume he has not been to trial yet to be sentenced for his crime. Only the judge can say if he will ever get out of prison. 


    We'll OK I understand.I'm not here for people to know him.what is ur opinion about a paying attorney? Do u think I still should keep paying him?it was said the DA can't find anything on him to put him back n trial.I just feel like I'm waistting my money.what do u think?can repose back to m.

    If the DA can not anything, what is he being charged with? He should be able to get a free lawyer if he can hot pay for one. It's in his Miranda rights. "You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.
    If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you....."
    So, why are you paying for a lawyer? If he has not been charged with a crime by the DA, why is he still in jail? This story makes no sense.

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    wel he been charger with crime,arm robbery,provation,but we have an paid attorney.i really dnt understand because ppl telling me differ stuff.then his attorney said is ok.but the DA is stil on it.the judge made him do his time.but nw i really dnt knw whz goingon.i really feel like giving on! thanks anyway for ur opinion!

    When is he due to be released? I'd say play the field until then.......


    It doesn't say when he get out.all I knew this paying attorney told us the sitcatied.I believe the attorney is just lost.

    They can only legally hold him for 48 hours without charging him, then they have to release him.

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