I have a 19 inch Westinghouse Monitor just about a year old. I stepped on the power strip button by accident and turned everything off. Monitor no longer turns on. Any suggestions?

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    Unplug the monitor from the power strip and plug it straight into a wall outlet. If the monitor turns on, then you need to replace the power strip. 

    Ms Yoli Q

    Power Strip is good. I tried what you suggested - but no - does not turn on from a wall outlet.

    Are monitors repairable?

    They are repairable but the cost to repair one is not worth the money. They are cheap enough to buy now. You can even pick up a used one for a few dollars or even free from someone just looking to get rid of their old PC. Check Craigslist for a free or cheap one. Go to Best Buy (if you are in the USA and have one near you) for a new one. The monitor does not have to be the exact brand for the computer you have. Check to make sure the power cord is secure to the back of the monitor and the computer before you decide the monitor is junk. Also, you could have damaged the power cord and that you can replace for a few dollars at Best Buy or any electronics store. Turning the power strip off should not have damaged your monitor.

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