Who is authorized to get RTI information regarding court information's?

    I want to know an information regarding an Exparte judgement? I got it on 2009 in a civil dispute. While on the period of the case was on trial purposely the opponents failed to appear in the court. Most probably many of them announced as exparte many times, but again and again they put plea thus joined . This all purposely  they made themselves by the advise of their advocates to make delay the case. And thus they achieve  the advantage what they thought  that make me to depress . But unfortunately nothing was happend, what the expect. There are seven opponents in my case and everyone were become exparte. Already no one were appeared except there advocates finally they let to leave the case to be like this kind of judgement. But after the judgement, as usually they prey a plea in the court to some one new other than the previous to accept him as a power agent to the third opponent who was already have no rights in the above said judgement.. Still ther plea is not numbered but they try to disturb in many ways to enjoy our possession. Pls tell some legal advise what Ican do? 

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    As far as I know, none of the volunteers here are lawyers. Try this forum for free legal advice > 

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