I have been made redundant with 10 months to go, can I start my state pension early?

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    Your basic state pension is based upon
    your history of paying National Insurance
    (NI). Signing on and claiming jobseekers
    allowance means that you will be credited
    as paying NI and your NI record will
    therefore be protected. Now could be a
    good time to get a forecast of your state
    pension. To do so ring the Future Pension
    Centre on 0845 300 0168

    If you are in the UK phone the number that Romos says and ask for a forcast of your pension, I think it may be too soon as yet though, i think you can get a forcast at about 3 months before you are 65. Then they will tell you what you get and the first date you get it which is exactly 4 weeks from your birthday, it will not be a second earlier , and it will not be a penny more than you are entitled to. Well that's if you are English,Scottish,Welsh or from Northern Ireland. If you are from anywhere other than these places you can get hand outs left right and centre.

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