Will PC HealthBoost Online work onWindows 8Pro??

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    PC HealthBoost works just fine with Windows 8. I have used it on mine and the kids laptops with no problems. My daughter's new computer started getting errors popping up and driving her crazy. I showed how to run PC HealthBoost  and all is well now. As they get into using their computers more I show them how to keep their laptops in good running order by using Boost Software products which all work well with Windows 8.

    Yes, it works with Windows 8. I use it on my computer each month. I scheduled it that way so I ensure that my computer's registry is up to par. When I first installed PC HealthBoost on my computer I was having issues with my registry, performance and speed. After I did a full scan of my computer PC HealthBoost repaired the issues I was having with my registry. I think this software works well with Windows 8. I have had no problems with it since the day I installed the software. The software has a user friendly interface, works effectively, and it helps improve your computer's performance and speed. I am so happy that I found this software as I did not want to pay a lot for someone else to fix my problems. I have recommended this software to others in which they are as pleased as I am. 

    Yes, it works on just about every WIndows version (I know for sure that it works on Vista, 7, and 8). It's some really useful software to have. I have it on my laptop and desktop, and I run the program on a schedule (usually once a month) just to make sure that everything stays neat and tidy. Since I began to use this software, I have been able to see a huge difference in my computers performance. It runs so much faster, my internet browser runs faster, and my start up and shut down times don't take nearly as long as they did. I'm just happier overall with my PC since trying PCHB. The scans are really quick and thorough, so you really only have to run it every so often. Good luck!

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