What kind of bad words will ban you from a site forever and ever? Swear? Threat? What??


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    Depends on the site. As you know, profanity is not allowed on akaQA. Typically a warning is given first. Continued swearing on this site after being told it is not allowed can cause permanent suspension. Threatening is not allowed here either and continued posted threats can cause permanent suspension. In the U.K., they have an anti-cyber bullying law and any website that allows cyber bullying to go on can be banned in the U.K. meaning the web address off the website will be blocked to all servers of the U.K. All it takes is for one person to report the website to the proper agency in the U.K. But as I said, what would cause a person to be banned from a website depends on each particular website. It's all pretty much commonsense when it comes to interacting on a website. What would not be proper in the real world, is not proper on a website. 


    Yes, that's right actually. The Red button scheme that's being brought in to protect the right of minors and vulnerable users will allow a site to be 'red buttoned' for vulgarity, bullying etc. If a site is reported a few times, it goes on the list for potential restricted access for the U.K

    I remember reading an article about it but could not remember what it was called. At the time I was thinking it would be a good law for the USA too. Too many kids kill themselves due to cyber bullying.

    Bullying should not be allowed. EVER.

    Did you know that this is anti-bullying month?

    Naughty..................things like....or ....or ........frustrates me, can't speak a ....... word out of ........ place!


    I'd guess anything that could cause offence to it's other users, so if a site is open to under-18's then it will usually have a tough stand on swear words and general offensive language.

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