benghazi vs iraqi war which more important gop dummies

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    What do you mean which is more important? They are both important in my opinion. 

    Benghazi was a terrorist attack on US soil in a foreign land. Iraq was a war created from the lies of George Bush Jr. Both are important as they should teach the people valuable lessons as to who they elect into office.

    Benghazi is important because we were lied to from our top leaders, including Obama. The full truth of Benghazi still needs to come out once the top democratic officials stop standing in the way and withholding key evidence. It is important because do to political shenanigans 4 Americans are dead and the biggest cover up of the century has resulted from it. Hillary spouted "What difference does it make how it happend?", well WE THE PEOPLE care why and how it happened. We care about the ties Obama has to the Muslim Brotherhood and the fact that the "security" team assigned to the Consulate have ties to Al-Qaeda. They even display the Al-Quaeda flag on their Facebook page. Yet in spite of this, they were suppose to be the protection for the Americans at the Consulate? They were the "best of the worst" options because the Obama administration chose not to spend the money for added securities needed at the Consulate. Mean while Obama continued to send millions in monetary aid and weapons aid to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary (Democrat)  may not care how it happened or why, but we do. 

    The Irag war is important because it shows how easily the people will believe a lie uttered by a seated president and allow the USA to become terrorists by invading another land based on no real evidence of that country's alleged wrong doings. Bush lied to us claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which were never found in the 8 years the war lasted. When it comes to electing officials to govern and lead the USA, people have to learn to vote smarter. Obama should NEVER have been elected in the first place let alone been given a 2nd term. Bush should not have seen 2 terms. Under a democratic controlled house and senate, we invaded Iraq. Under a democratic controlled senate, Obama has been allowed to break many rules of the US Constitution and they right now are trying their best to protect him from the people and the truths of what really happened in Benghazi. The GOP is fighting hard to bring that truth to the people and the Democrats  are doing everything in their power to stop them. Who are the dummies? Now I am not a republican nor a democrat but right now all I can see is the democratic party backing one of the biggest liars and scam artists in the history of the United States. Obama's lies and agendas that directly affect the American people are destroying this country. No one should vote by party because both parties are crooked. We need to start demanding better choices and stop letting party leaders force puppets on us so that we have nothing but controlled 1/2 wits to choose from. Today it's not one party or the other to blame, it is BOTH parties and uninformed Americans making bad choices in who they vote for. 

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