Teenager gets suspension from school.

    For throwing a sandwich at Prime Minister Julia Gillard.It was a Vegemite sandwich too! What a waste of a good sandwich.To her credit she seemed amused by the prank (But the sandwich did miss her).Do you think the school was too strict.

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    As it turns out,his suspension has been suspended.He's not the brightest light on the Xmas tree.His dad is making him do the housework as punishment.

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    Not at all. The boy displayed disrespectable behaviour, not only to the PM but also embarrassment to the school. His suspension should be held within the school, not at home. Sitting in the principals office every day for 2 weeks would be no fun and games.

    Kids and teenages like being suspended, b/c then they don't have to go to school. But, in most cases, it's not a good situation, b/c there's no one home to supervise him. I think there should have been some punishment meted out, yes, b/c it was extremely disrepectful for him to him to throw a sandwich at the prime minister.......or at anybody else,, for that matter. If he gets no punishment, then it will  promulgate the notion that kids can do anything they want,.......and not respect anybody !  

    If there wasn't a boomerang available, yes.

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