How does one display two oars on wall?

    I have seen two oars displayed on a wall.  What is the angle?

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    I don't know the angle but here's some pictures. I think eye appeal (what ever looks good to you) works best.  






    Select a wall to feature the oars on. A wall that is easily visible, where they will be the focal piece, is ideal.

    Add personalization to the boat oars. Sand off some of the existing finish to give them a worn and rugged look. Refinish them in a color that matches the finishes in the rest of the room. Paint them in a color scheme that complements the decor of the space or paint a picture, design or words on the oars.

    Determine how you want to hang the oars. Hang them in a crisscross fashion in the center of the wall. Hang two to four over one another in a horizontal fashion. Display two to four oars in a vertical position. Hang them horizontally so that one edge is pressed against the wall, creating oar wall shelves.

    Display other decorative accents in combination with the oars. Display a picture of a sailboat, the ocean or a lake on the wall. Frame pictures of you fishing and hang them on the wall or set them on oar shelves. Tie ropes into nautical knots and hang them on the wall around the oars. Feature fishing poles or a prized stuffed fish on the wall. A ship's wheel works as a decorative accent with oars. Suspend nautical flags along the wall.

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    I think you can put them any way you like,,as long as they are blade down..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<

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