Want to login for fb but it would not open why?

    give me information on why the fb is opening as usual

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    2 Answers

    We are not Facebook support. I can not tell you why it will not open. Are you having trouble with the log in? Is it not accepting your password? 

    shinnot,  I 've been having trouble with FB too. It won't let me post my updates.., won't let me share pics and words with others, won't let the column come up that says who's live on FB, Won't let me delete something. Haven't seen a  ph. # for FB, but do have their  home office address for snail mail. I'm going to write them and complain, but since it's free, they prob won't care.  A friend of mine said FB will sometimes put you in  '' FaceBook jail   "  for an undeterminate lenght of time.It's been quite a few weeks for me now.

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