Are there any translators for cats?

    My cat act human,she have her own  room ......complete with  twin bed,chairs and litterbox,she watches tv as well and whenever she is spoken to she answers.Thing is I dont understand "MEOW!"

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    Your own brain should become the translator. My dogs have distinctive barks that they use for certain things. I can understand what each bark means. The same goes for my birds. I know their warning cries, their, "I'm bored" chatter, their playtime calls and their chatter when they try to communicate with outside birds. 

    Meow meow sorry couldn't resist that I have cats they are very intelegent just make meows back or speak softly to her to comfort her she will respond always tell you love her and she will respond back

    my cats have many different words and intonations. You can usaully understand what your cat wants by the tone of her voice, and her body posturing. Sometimes she'll want you to follow her. So follow her and she may lead you to the door, or to an empty water dish.......or dirty litter box.

    All very good answers, but the definitive answer would come from our very own Dr. Doolittle. 

    By the sounds of your cats living quarters her meowing may mean she is grateful and thanking you for being such a good provider to her needs. What more could she want ?


    Have you ever met a cat that was not a spoiled brat? I'm talking pet cats.

    Sounds like your cat is saying   "I want more!"   "I want more!"


    She is one spoilt cat.

    Cats are spoiled!

    Cats, are good letting you know what they want. one of my cats meows in window to get in, if I let her in straigh away, its lovely soft meow as she comes in, but if I leave her to wait a while, its very loud meow, as if she is telling me off. lol

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