i cant format my sandisk flash drive or recovery files it keeps saying unable to format file system not recognized the file system has changed some how to RAW

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    Many professional data recovery organizations provide USB Memory Stick Recovery as well, I advice you to visit a professional for this or else you might loose all the data on it or it could be permanently damaged.

    I still can't retrieve my files or format my sandisk I have tried everything data recovery software using the command prompt virus removal software and downloading the orignal sandisk software nothing works it won't let me do anything without formatting and won't let me format due to unrecognised file system (RAW file system) is it time to give up I have 3 assessments on the flash drive I really don't wont to do again

    disk recovery tool

    ngga ngerti deh ini akun apahan ??? maen donlot donlot ajee -__________-"

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