Why does my PC crash every time I try to get usage monitor from BT ?

    Capped at 10gb. but  BT says I go over limit. When I try to get usage monitor to see what I am using,my PC. CRASHES.

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    Disable error reporting should do the job that iss its the bluse screen keeps coming up it shouldn't be a big deal just get AVG Tune up and give it a registry check it should solve the issue

    if you maybe installed a program or something, it could be that try going on safe mode with networking, use it like normal and see if the same thing happens, if not then its likely that a program on your start up that is causing that, maybe a virus or some type of malware, you can then simply disable it

    Its not your screen cuss that has nothing to do with that unless th cable was messed up, maybe sparking which could cause damage to you pc

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