where is 6014332348

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    Before you can track the cell phone, you need to obtain physical possession of it, at least temporarily so you can install the software. Many people are looking for a way to install tracking software on the cell phone from a remote location as to be covert, but unfortunately currently there is no way to do this.

    Once you have the phone in your hand, download tracking software to the cellphone. Wherify and uLocate are great tools you can use to track a cell phone.


    Next you'll need to install a GPS tracker to the cell phone. Even with the software installed, the cell phone will need a physical chip that will give off it's location to satellite at all time.

    Once the chip is inserted, it is powered by the cell phone and there is no way for the user to detect it is there. It's a pretty simple operation if you take the phone to Radioshack and ask them to do it for you.


    Load tracking software onto your home PC. This software will allow you to go online and track the location of the cell phone (and the person carrying it) at the click of a button. Suspect your spouse is cheating on you or your kids aren't where they said they would be? Well this is how you can find out.

    To get the software to work, you need your computer to have software that is compatible with the tracking program. Most software uses Google Maps or Map Quest so you can see the physical location of the person you are tracking on a map of the city.

    Once your software is installed on your PC, all you need to do is install the tracking system and you'll be good to go! Depending on which software you have, the instructions will vary.

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    I think I misunderstood the question. I'm totally not focus. I'm watching the baseball and basketball at the same time while talking on the telephone with mom.

    LOL, you sound like me. I'm always multitasking. I'm here and on Facebook, watching the Waltons and believe it or not, on the phone with mom! I learned a long time ago to look for the rest of their question in the tag. ;)

    We know it is a cell phone. But this site tells where.

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