if i have raised my boyfriends son from birth and hes two years old do i have any legal claim

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    Not that I know of. You have been a devoted volunteer guardian which is to your credit but not enough to get custody if that is what you are thinking. BUT depending on the state/country you live in and and the laws concerning custody, you may find you have some rights but I've never heard of any state in the USA that gives custodial rights to a non relative of a child just because she/he helped raise the child for 2 years. You should investigate the laws concerning this in your state/country. 

    yes you can

    noyou do not have legal rights to claim the child because you never agreed to keep the baby with your boyfriend although you helped to raise the child for the 2 years it is just like being a nanny since the cildhood till to the aulthood.

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