I ask to you all for your help to write the essay on "a change in diet and lifestyle can prevent cancer"do you agree......

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    Sounds like you have your assignment well in hand. Just expand on all the thoughts and ideas you mentioned to Clonge.

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    What are we agreeing to...helping you write the essay or the theory of cancer prevention?


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    this essay will ague that healthy eating and healthy living habits can prevent cancer. firstly, it will explain the ways of healthy eating can prevent cancer. then it will describe the ways in healthy living habits can prevent cancer.

    This is the introduction for this essay, so can you help me to continue to the body and then the conclusion.

    in the body you should have to write on topic for example, Quit smoke. then evidence follow by example, reference, conclude, this is the structure of writing a paragraph

    Of course, I am agreeing with your essay topic. Changes in diet and lifestyle are one of the main factor which helps to prevent cancer. Cancer is not a single disease but a group of related diseases. Many things in our genes, our lifestyle, and the environment around us may increase or decrease our risk of getting cancer. A recommended essay writing service can help you to collect relevant information for your essay. The writers will present you quality content with great evaluations. There are several recommended essay writing services  are roaming on internet. you can select the best one by reviewing it.

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