Is global warming real or not real?

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    Liberal scare tactic-- yes, there is climate changes happening, its been happening for 4.5 billion years, its natural change. Co2 which once was considered fertlizer to make plants and trees grow, are now considered toxic -- a few years ago, there was an accidental recording of scientists making jokes about thir false reports to the environmental agencies, on the tape the laughed about how much money they were making, also, remember, there are thousands of scientests that have come forth and denied the over cautious concerns.  

      Arrogance: Why would you believe that in the future people would be so stupid that they could not take care of themselves?? That we must do it now?? It's a joke!  have you ever been on a flight at abour 35,000 feet and looked out the window of the plane and seen just how beautiful this planet really is?? yet you listen to the alGore loons and they will tell you  that we have ruined the earth.  The human design is that we are carbon based, every living thing is carbon based, we survive on carbon based, the earth has her way of recycling naturally to support the life she holds, we are getting in the way --  Global Warming is a total scam designed to make billions and even trillions of dollars for people and organizations that feed on fool headed people that can not reason and think for themselves.. "go Green!!  Have you seen this?? Behind this slogan is always an orginization that makes money on it, even dry cleaners, using green technology, its a cash cow!    Granted that people are slobs and will throw garbage on the streets etc but this does no contributer to the global warming faux.  We should live our lives to the fullest as our ancestors did and not fall prey to some money making guilt trip.  All leftist agendas require a guilt trip, this is how the left works!  They make you feel guilty and they cash in on it. Wise up, think for yourself, don't believe everything some loon politician or activist tells you.  If you feel guilty, they have won and it will cost you.

    Yes it's real, but the Liberal elite who run most things nowadays, are the ones that need to cut down a bit. They spend alot of time preaching to ordinary people about it,,while riding around in big cars and flying around the world in aeroplanes.


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