what are symptoms 0f prostate in men

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    Frequency- urinating much more often than normal.Urgency- having a sensation that you need to urinate immediately.Nocturia- getting up to urinate multiple times during the night.Hesitancy - difficulty starting the urine stream.

    All of these symptoms are a direct result of the urethra being pinched closed by the enlarged prostate.

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    Spoken like a real man Pythonlover.LOL.You really nailed it.I have been a sufferer for some years now.I say sufferer,but there is no great discomfort in it.It's just a damn nuicance.

    Pythonlovers answer is spot on.The diagnosis & treatment is quite simple.A simple examination by your Dr. & an ultrasound will leave no doubt.The treatment is blood pressure meds in small doses.See your Dr.

    I assume you mean an enlarged prostate gland.That usually happens to a man when he is 45 ish . Goes along with a mid life crisis. ( just kidding )  Anyway, the symtoms are, he has trouble peeing at night, b/c the enlarged gland presses on his ureter and maybe some of the urethra. He might pee a little bit, or a thin stream. Then the pressure in his bladder really builds up .. . . ...especially if he's being drinking coffe, tea, or me ....I mean or alchoholic drinks  ;-)

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