Why is he spreading rumors about me? Does he want attention? WHATS THE POINT???

    Ok Im a hostess at a bar/restaurant. I sometimes work with another host named Jake. He used to stare at me a lot,he bought me a meal & shared it with me. He stares at me when I talk to him & he would always help me. I thought he liked me. But now I came in today & his personality changed. He isnt as talkative to me & its like hes avoiding me almost. My co worker, Katy told me that he flirts with other girls constantly & he hangs out with different girls everyday. Katy also told me that another waiteress named Grace, was talking about me. She said that Jake told her I was obsessed with him & I constantly text him. I never ever texted Jake or even called him! And I just got his number Saturday. And Grace could be lying too. She talks trash about almost everyone at work. But Im not sure. Why would Jake lie about that? What should I do? Please no rude answers

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    He's not worth bothering about, forget him and move on. If you can't work around him look for another job.He sounds like he is only ever going to love himself.

    This is a general question and answer forum. You keep coming back with your drama about this man. I think you need to stop fixating on him, do your job at work and forget about him when you go home or find a different place to work so you no longer have to see this Jake. I think the people here have answered your questions about Jake sufficiently. Look honestly at the 3 times you've come here to talk about him. Yes, you are obsessed with him. 

    Jami,  The more you pursue him, the more distant he'll be to you. Men want to be the one to do the pursuing. They like the hunt.

    People do this because its their habit.

    Delete the number now. Go to work on time, don't abuse your breaks, be cordial and respectful to everybody, and keep your personal life and relationships separate from the workplace.

    Do not respond to Katy, Grace, or Jake. Your best defense is that you had his number, realized you didn't need it, and deleted it. Enough said. And that is ONLY if someone asks.

    Now, next question needs to be an update on how well things are going.I



    Thank you so much for your kindness & for understanding me. I know Ive been asking about this guy frequently. I didnt know it would annoy people so much. Something different would happen each day & I didnt know how to.handle it. So I came here for help & Im thankful to get someone like you to help me. I wil listen to your advice & ignore him. I will also keep to myself & just say hi and bye to my co-workers. Its good that I know what kind of person he is and hes not worth my time. Im from now on going to listen to your advice. Thanks again :)

    You are very welcome, jami93. I really hope you get things worked out and meet a nice man who will treat you well.

    DO let us know how you are doing. I hope you take the advice you were given here (most of us agree that Jake is a jerk). GOOD LUCK, and know we are here to help you always. BOB/PKB

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