What to do when you are not allowed to do what you love.

    Dancing has been my passion since I was 2 years old, I started taking ballet classes at 2 years and then started dancing many other styles. I have always loved it and I have been at competitions. I used to dance 4-5 hours from monday to thursday friday 2 hours and sunday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. This year my dad didn't let me dance at all and I miss it so so much, I was even invited to compete again and my dad didn't let me go. What can I do? I just need to dance to be happy. 

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    Perhaps you and Dad can come up with a compromise about your dancing.  I hope you have been respectful of yourself and others throughout your dancing experience, and give your Dad no reason to be suspicious or concerned about your dancing (or school, or social life, etc. etc.). When parents become distrustful, they often try to rein in their children.  
    Talk to your dad.  Good luck. 


    yeah i guess, i've tried to come up with a compromise about dancing but no. Dancing was my whole life and i had never even spoken to a man before i left dancing; after i left it i met my boyfriend. I was really open to my dad about dance and he knew where i danced and that no boys were allowed, i don't really know what happened...

    You will dance again ,and all willl be well,

    As a young lady grows and develops physically, a father may become more protective of his daughter.

    He may worry that the wrong people may be attracted as you dance. He may need some assurance of your safety.



    Yeah, I get you but get this; My dad let me be in pole fitness instead of dancing, so i don't see why dancing ballet or hip hop would be something bad if he already let me be in pole. Right now my time killer is pole fitness and i hope after the summer i start dancing again...

    OK, that is a little off, pole dancing in favor of ballet/hip hop. Do you have a mom who can put in her thoughts? Pole dancing DOES develop a crazy-strong core, but seems a little limited in career options.

    I'm not familiar with pole fitness.
    How can it help you when you return to dance?


    Figgy, search "pole dance for exercise". It is very demanding, and can be sensual, too.


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