what is the meaning of cutie

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    What is CUTIE?
    CUTIE is "Cute, attractive person"

    CUTIE Definition / CUTIE Means
    The definition of CUTIE is "Cute, attractive person"

    The Meaning of CUTIE
    CUTIE means "Cute, attractive person"
    So now you know - CUTIE means "Cute, attractive person" - don't thank us. YW!

    What does CUTIE mean? CUTIE is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the CUTIE definition is given.

    Informal. a charmingly attractive or cute person, especially a girl or a young woman (often used as a form of address): Hi, cutie.

    Kimberleysurrey - cute can be used in an endearing way also - an adjective to describe for example -  a person due to their behaviour, actions or thought .As a noun  when looking at a new baby people will often say Oh he/she is such a cutie. Also to describe many animals/fish/birds etc. which have a cute appeal to the eye.

    Cute can also mean in animals (how cute is that puppy)

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