If someone steals your laptop can the police track it as they can a cell phone with an embedded number, not your cell number?

    All cell phones have a number I do not know what it is called, but it is not the cell number. Now in Thailand you are suppose to give your name when buying a cell phone. ie if you use a cell to detonate a bomb, the police can find the number and track the owner down. Would it be the same for a stolen computer, when the computer is in use can the police track it???

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    If your laptop is stolen and you need to trace it, you can use a free, open-source solution to track it down--using the IP address. If you know the IP address of your stolen or missing computer, you will know where it was last connected to the internet. This information is invaluable in tracking the physical location of the computer because IP addresses can be resolved to locations anywhere on the globe. This mechanism can be used to help law enforcement officials to recover your computer.

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