why do nurse need to know the conflict perspective

    studying the conflict perspective as a nursing

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    Nurses require skills to handle various situations in working with people.


    Ducky - I have read this posting and am not sure I get the connection with nursing huh?

    Well, I just take all of it to mean that nurses (in particular) should have the ability/skill/aptitude to be able to "handle" all types of people in all types of situations.

    Ducky - guess tou are right - I have so much to be sceptical about - how about nurses especially in this country learning how to be compassionate and more humanity is needed these days - thanks ducky.

    I agree. It seems to me, by observation, that nurses are quite caring and compassionate when they first enter the nursing profession. Then, after a while, SOME seem to become disillusioned by the profession that they have chosen and it shows! They would probably like to leave at that point, but would have to adjust to a much lower salary if they did, so unfortunately for their patients, they stay.

    Ducky - nursing training has changed so much - all out of a book and for me to say they should learn to be compassionate and humane is basically wrong - as they are learning this from books and of course some do not have this ability anyway plus communication skills, as they have so little hands on training of late. The nursing profession has changed so much - but it has always been more academic in the USA - Here the training in future it is said - they will have to spend one year washing patients - this will improve human contact - more hands-on care is vital - always was before they decided to send nurses to Universities NOT just jumped up colleges. To get into the top hospitals in London it was necessary to have 2 - 3 'A' levels anyway but some did not know how to make a cup of tea (a nurse recently said on the TV during a debate "We are said to be too posh to wash") and you started in the sluice for six months - nurses worked and studied at the same time - too much in those days but now so very little and too much unecessary stuff. To become a Doctor three 'A' levels were necessary. Today in Society I feel computers and mobiles do not help with communication skills as 70% of communication is body language. Just a comment Ducky - do hope you are well. I do hope Millie is well and I must come back to ASkQA soon.

    CJ zwane - Why do nurses need to know most of the junk they learn these days - so little common sense, lack of humanity, compassion and communication with the patients and relatives. This is because they have decided nurses need to go to university - mainly jumped up colleges and learn everything from a book social studies, how to communicate etc. Only spend approximately three weeks out of a year on the ward in contact with patients prior to qualifying. Now here it to become compulsory to do at least one year on the wards looking after patients, washing them and communicating with them and their families. Many programmes here about this one nurse said she had heard nurse are too posh to wash. I have witnessed some appalling nursing over the last seven years and have a theory about communication - with all the mobiles and computers people are not communicating face to face and this can be a breakdown in society as 70% of communication is body language - I spoke with a scientist about this and he agreed and felt the young in future will have difficulty with their communication skills. Also with all the technology communication is so poor the hospitals and companies,


    Sorry - could not get the posting you added - let me know again please. What I have said is probably relevant to the UK with regard to the amount of academic studies Although it was Mary Henderson who introduced more academic studies with her "Nursing Process" which was introduced here - conflict yes this comes with some training, body language and experience. Nurses have so much autonomy these days albeit the patient who should have this - it is the patients who have the fear - the nurses create such a barrier between themselves and the patient - this can anatagonise the mentally ill instead of soothing them.

    Sorry nobody liked my answer - I guess too outspoken but I have been so very near all this - too close for comfort!

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