why pc performent slowly

    my be any virus

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    Yes, it may be a virus or you may need to do a cleaning on it. 

    Try this first. 

    1. How to make a computer faster: 6 ways to speed up your PC

    2. Delete Your Browser's History

    3. Delete Cookies 

    If those steps do not help, then download these two programs:

    1. Ccleaner 

    Once it's installed, close all windows and programs. Then open Ccleaner, click yes to give permission for it to make changes on your computer, once open, click run cleaner, when it's done, click the applications tab, then click run cleaner again. Once that is complete, (left side of window see registry, click that) then click, scan for issues if it finds any, click no for back up request, then fix all issues. 

    2. malwarebtyes: http://

    1) Download the malwarebytes anti-virus software. (it's free)

    2) When you're ready to scan: First delete all cookies and close all open applications and programs.

    3) Run deep scan (you might want to do this just before you go to bed as the deep scan can take hours.

    4) Quarantine everything it finds.

    5) Update malwarebytes each and every time you want to scan your computer. This way you can be sure the software is looking for all known viruses.


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