You've got to be taught to hate.

    A reflective and thoughtful remark...

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    Racism, sexism, hatred, etc. are all signs of people's insecurities and the refusal to accept people's differences. We are born to notice differences in others, but hatred and discrimination are learned behaviors.
    I agree. We are not naturally born to hate unless there's an underlying mental health issue.

    Hatred is taught by the influences around us when we are young. It's easier to learn how to hate than it is to learn how to love. How sad is that?

    Are we twins?

    Are you good looking? If not, then no. ;D

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    Are you?

    Hmmm, perhaps we are twins. I'll ask my mother if she sold you. LOL
    I don't believe thats true, who taught people to hate people for an opinion thats different from yours, it's not getting your way or dissatisfaction that causes hate. Reality it's the devil in us all that makes us hate.

    And the devil is in us, Randy.
    Headless Man

    We are born with the devil's influence. We must overcome it with God's help.

    See, that bit I don't believe.
    Headless Man

    I know you don't, I do.
    That's kind of true on many cases. hatred comes from many sources, it could be contributed because of peer acceptance, where you believe what they believe because you want to be accepted and because they're your age, for example this is not the case of teenagers i'm only talking about, it happens often in adulthood, where you have a conversation gong on the hatred of islam and you have yourself sitting with that group, your only hope of social group, you wouldn't want to raise a hand and suggest that islam is not that hateful. so you stick with their opinions and time will only make you one of them, your hatred like theirs increases unconsciously and the next thing you know, you spit on the ground every time a muslim passes by. and if some stranger asks you why, you are just going to spit out every words and descriptions of muslims that you have heard your social friends saying in the past. is any of it your opinion originally, no, but you stick to it like it's yours. it's stupid how one doesn't allow five minutes to think for themselves and reflect on their actions for one day. and think of the whole picture with an open mind, rather an enclosed one that's been affected by their surroundings.

    very true!
    Umm, OK if you believe in the big red man. I've yet to meet a child who truly hates a person of color or different sexuality all on his own.
    well why is it then you got to teach a baby , kid... to do whats right not wrong. whens the last time you had to yell at someone for doing whats right.. never.. despite popular opinion people are born basicly evil not good..

    Wow, it's almost depressing to know people actually believe this. What's the incentive to even look for the good in a person then if you believe they are born evil?

    Think about a new born baby as a blank paper. You or whoever are the one who will draw the picture of good or bad. You are in charge, not the baby.

    to bring out the good

    from the blank, not evil.

    A pessimistic view point, daren. We are conditioned to notice mistakes and correct them so it would appear to some that babies and children are "basically evil". Remember that teaching also means that you reinforce the positive things that a person does.
    I will tell you my story.

    I teach at a college. When Obama was elected a couple years ago, I had a class on the very next morning. I started my class saying "What a night!" expecting some positive responses since the history had been made as the first black american becoming the president.

    The first response from a student was "I am so mad!". Okay, I understood where she came from. But the next one from the other student was shocking. "We haven't had an assassination of president since J.F.Kennedy!". I was speechless. That was a freshman class which means most students were 17 or 18 years old.

    How did they become racists? Do they have solid political opinions by their own researchs or do they even read the politics section of news paper or listen to the news channel? They've got it all from their family. Their relatives and neighbors who were around them when they grew up. They did not pay attention to their parents talks. But they heard it and now they are imitating.

    They were taught to hate.
    When I was learning about emotional energy I as a child, I was told love and hate are opposites by a person who believed in dualism. I found this to be untrue because of the omnipresence of love. The closest opposite to love is actually fear. Hate is the application of love self destructively. I've know several people who lived off the hate others felt for them and were quite successful as a result, with so many people loathing them, their personal energy was amplified considerably. The technique is easy to understand which also helps to understand how others may seek to manipulate your emotional states and persuade you to favor their view. And you thought vampires don't exist.
    I see where you are going with this, Obama's black so if we don't like him we become racist. Sorry but I don't agree.
    Was it racism that people hated Bush.
    Not with Obama either, sure there are exceptions. Sure there was with Bush too, but I forgot, blacks can't be
    I though this question was about hate and I don't think thats necessarily a taught thing it can be but not always. There is a thing called sin and we are all born with it and we need to learn to deal with it by learning about God and the love HE teaches us. Love, Randy

    Dislike is not racism. You're going all over the place with this trying to justify your belief that only a red man with horns causes people to hate. Racism can equate to hate as I've already proven by the example I posted. Who taught people it was OK to kill a black person? What does it take to kill because of skin color other than hatred for that color. It all comes back around to hate.

    No, it was not about Obama. I clearly stated several times here, I am not for Obama. After reading the blog, I thought it was something to think about for us, that's all.
    Headless Man

    Sorry, but your link at the top did go to a site that said:
    I wasn’t one of those people who believed the election of Barack Obama was a sign we’d entered a “post-racial” society. But I also failed to appreciate the extent of racism that still festers in this country

    Randy, try to read the story behind. She is talking about generalization, the stereotype.
    Headless Man

    Oh, ok, sure.
    Who said anything about there color, put two babies down on the floor together and give them one toy. Do they share or fight, most cases they will fight or cry when they don't get their way.

    OK Randy. You believe it's all the devil's fault.

    I was speaking of hate that is learned by influences within a persons environment. A toddler does not notice the color of another toddlers skin and hate that child instinctively. When your ideology can only blame one thing, you will have trouble seeing that people teach hate because of their need to feel superior.
    Headless Man

    Racism and hate are two different things, people are taught to be racist but not to hate.

    So you're saying racists people do not hate those they are prejudice towards? Really? Tell that to the black people found hanging in trees. That the ones who put them there didn't hate them.
    Headless Man

    Thats not what I said and you know it. I didn't say hate and racism don't happen at the same time.
    Ms Sinclair

    I think children are self-centered. That's not the same thing as hateful.
    hate is a sure sign of ignorance it is impossible to profit from it on any level
    Ms Sinclair

    I disagree. Unfortunately people profit from hate all the time.
    The question is "You've got to be taught to hate"?

    The answer is NO. Hate comes from the sinful nature of fallen mankind. It is within the DNA from conception and easily manifest itself as soon as physically possible.

    It is natural for a person to hate, but hate can also be taught and is taught form little up.

    It is also natural for a person to love and love is also taught from littile up as well.

    This proves the bible correct once again. Both good and evil has existed from Adam and is being manifested in mankind. The only cure is Jesus Christ.


    No, FOD, you are wrong. Hatred and sin are two separate things. The original sin we are born with from the bible is the one as a result of Adam's sin, not hatred.

    Amazing how much effort you have to put into proving the bible is correct. One would think it could stand on it's own without you keeping score.

    "The only cure is Jesus Christ." Wrong again. The original sin has been already forgiven by Jesus's death, crucifixion. That is why His love for us is the greatest and unconditional.

    Act 4:10 Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, [even] by him doth this man stand here before you whole.

    Act 4:11 This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

    Act 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    Want to start again? No, especially since I know where you come from.
    Has it occurred to anybody yet that the word in this statement to question is "GOT"?

    My immediate reaction to reading it was "Why?"

    There's no good reason for anyone to be taught to hate.

    I did. That's what I said no one is born to hate and that hate is taught.

    Sadly there are people in this world who would disagree with you and tell you there's many reasons to teach hate. They're called extremists and usually found in every religion.

    Perhaps the saddest thing is more hate, and more wars, are caused by religion than anything else. The very thing EVERY religion professes to be against.

    I didn't disagree with you. Hate IS taught... I meant the question implied very strongly that hate was something that SHOULD be taught.

    It wasn't meant that way and it provoked an interesting debate, but I do wish people would stop and read their question before they post.

    This one wasn't misunderstood, but many are.
    Hi colleen,maybe in the context I had put it I offended you but didn't mean to & I appologies.So can we talk?I know you want to say piss on you Tintin but hey I'll take it for the sake of learning from you & wat you b'liv in.Yes,I beliv in the teachings of the Bible & the power of every word in it.So pliz,you can piss on me but not on the Bible.Am a Christian but I respect the Muslems & their Koran.can you do the same.I ask for forgiveness from you:Excuse my language,am working on it......

    I accept your apology and accept that English is not your first language. Piss off is the same as bugger off, bug off, take your nonsense with you. Has nothing to do with p'sing on the bible or the person. I'll remove my comment from yours. Try to refrain from "shut up" if you want people to listen to your opinion. Next time, try something like, Hold on people! Take a minute to think. Or stop the arguing for a second and think...etc. I apologize for firing on you so hard. I just have a hard time accepting "shut up" in a discussion unless someone is being an ass and really deserves it.

    So,wat do you beliv in?Do you also beliv there's a God,the creator of all things?
    Randy,Colleen & all of you pipo in the audience,with all due respect,would you shut up & think for a moment.These are damn arguements that end up without either parties learning a thing at all but I like the fact that you ar quoting the Bible.....the only true living word,I must say.So,allow me to assume you are Christians and with the full knowledge that God only used dust to Create man...not a blackman..not a whiteman but Man.So,there4,God must be saying to the racists"These pipo are stupid still,they keep on saying to each other 'My dust is better than yours' only becoz I differetiated it by color & they kill for that fact,shame."To answer yo hind question,hate,like love is an emotional desire which you can chose to develop or not to.Unfortunately,developing hate will lead to sin becoz unforgiveness is sin & becoz You need to forgive becoz you need to be forgiven

    Tintin , I got as far as you telling me to shut up. I stopped reading. The way I respond to rude asses like you is to ignore them in the future. I'm going to assume you're a christian. Why do you people think that just because you believe in a book you have the right to talk down to others and be rude? Now I'm telling you to piss off and take your black book with you.

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