Rising Gas Prices A Sign Of Improving Economy?

    Dr.Richard McGrath, an economist at Armstrong Atlantic State University says ironically, it signals slow improvement in the economy. "Oil futures are trading higher because there's more demand for gas and fuel oil," he says. McGrath says some people don't remember that gas prices were over the three gallon mark several years ago before the economy took a nose dive. "But it is true," he says. "The higher gas ironically is a sign of some improvement, especially in the markets,"

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    The questions that I ask on this site is merely what others think, like or dislike, or even in some cases others may have more knowledge on any given question that can shred some light on something I don't quite understand.

    That's what makes this site so unique, everybody has different views and opinions and I believe everybody should be respected for that, besides the racist and foolish remarks!!!

    Gas Prices are up but some say that could be a positive sign for the economy!!!


    yes, the economy of the oil business and the crooks in the stock market who are responsible for the rise in prices.

    I can't remember if I answered this one yet, I think I got a contact buzz from that pot question?

    But here goes; I believe this to be political spin, let's find a positive way to look at OUTRAGEOUS GAS PRICES!!! They can twist the facts and make it look pretty and maybe some will eat it up like ice cream. But not me, I just think it's a wagon load of manure, if it tastes like, smells like, looks like poop, it probably is crap. A GIANT LOAD OF CRAP.

    Gas prices effect everything we buy, they could tell me it's great till their blue in the face, but all it means to me is, it is costing me more money and I don't like it.

    That's usually the case Pam but I don't think it is in THIS case. :(


    TSC - Gasoline and Crude Oil prices comes back up with the economy!!!

    What is your thoughts?


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    Granted, if the economy is doing well more people have money to spend so gas prices usually spike. The cost of crude and gasoline today is based solely on Mid East chaos. "Luckily" the Japan quake has eased up demand for oil in that country so the Mid East oil disruptions hasn't hurt the US as bad as it could have. For every ONE CENT increase Americans spend on gasoline today there is 600 million dollars less being used to stimulate the economy. We're in rough shape.

    Greed Greed Greed

    Let see ... cant afford gas to get to the beach= cant spend money there... cant afford gas to get to work= got to quit my job.... Nope gas price are kicking the economies butt.

    I really do not see how? It makes everything go up higher and higher. There is still massive amounts of foreclosures than ever seen in history and unemployment is still at an all time high so I really do not see that as a sign as anything at all being in improvement.

    Gee I thought high gas prices hurt the economy well except Arab countries you did not say Arab or the USA


    Recent gas price move is due to the Middle East and N. Africa conflicts. It has nothing to do with improving economy.

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    papa peg

    I don't see nothing wrong with what you said.I wouldn't worry about it otay.

    Yep it's a good sign for the economy.but who's economy

    Yep, this guy is expanding his business:

    It could be a sign of good conditions in the global economy but keep in mind that Gas Prices as any other Commodity priced in US Dollars ($) are highly affected by the exchange rate of USD:

    1) When USD is going up against other major currencies then Commodity Prices priced is USD are going down

    2) When USD is going down then Commodity Prices priced is USD are going up

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