If a defamatory comment is posted on Facebook, can that person be liable for defamation?

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    I suspect that it would take a ton of money in order to be successful in a lawsuit against Facebook. From what I understand, they have hundreds of pending lawsuits against them, at all times. I think that it would be best to ask a lawyer as the information on Google is contradictory at best.


    Thanks, Ducky.

    You're welcome BM.

    A false statement written is libel. Slander is verbal falsehoods. You can sue someone in civil court for libel, providing the statements are false and you can prove it.

    Sometimes it is better to let it go, but when you may lose your job (for example), I'd go on the extra mile and threaten a lawsuit. You may need to substantiate loss, so having good legal representation is a good idea.


    Thanks, MsBOB for your input, i am agro at my future daughter in law for posting lies about her mother after they had a huge disagreement, she post any thing and every thing on FaceBook, the Me generation have alot to answer for.

    It happens a lot on FB, and, in my opinion, shows the world how vicious, childish, ignorant, and untrustworthy people are. My DIL was all over it a couple months ago in righteous indignation and my sister has had a go at me more than once. I suggest a short comment to the tirades, maybe, "Consider the source" and let it go. It is not your battle, but I understand wanting it to stop and be retracted.

    You can sue anyone for defamation of character, but you'd have to get a lawyer to round up witnesses,and such,  to prove that you've been emotionally and proffessionally and socially damaged. And that would run into a lot of money .


    Thanks, Mom.

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