Why is medicare denying dialysis patients over 70 years of age continue care ?

    Thats right people . OBAMA CARE !!  New rules.If your over 70  on medicare .I allready know two people that have been denied and notified by medicare. You will not receive care from medicare for dialysis. Cancer treatment is being restricted now also. That was on news this morning. How is obama making the USA any better ? You idiots that voted for him need to think up a good excuse to save his name again.. Its not a tax, nobody will be denied care. What other lies will he say.

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    Clever of medicare and obama. Forces patient to go to the local county and they have to provide , free at that. Chances the county does not have the machine or capability. Our county does not , plans were to acquire . bet they wont now since medicare wont pay.

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    That is a violation of basic human rights. It means people have to die because of Obamacare? That is pretty sick. Does not happen in any other country!
    Obamacare was a victiory for corporate power to buy expensive insurance that wont serve everyones need.
    A single payer system would have been much cheaper for everyone and no one would have to die for the lack of treatment. We have become a savage nation and Obama is the worst president ever.
    He was the hope and change and he promised to improve the life of the poor and middle class.
    He has done nothing of the sort. Instead he takes from them to give to the rich, the worst criminals, Wall Street, the war industry, the oil and mineral industries.. Virtually all his economic advisers hail from Wall Street and in many cases were central figures in the enourmous economic crimes that have stolen hundreds of billions, maybe even trillions from the poor and middle class.

    Good thing my mom has supplemental insurance, as she is 94 and has dialysis treatment three times each week. 
    Who the %*%& is Obama (or anyone else, for that matter) to decide who should receive care and who should not.  My mom, frail as she may be, still has a good quality of life, is sociable, alert, and interested in what's going on. 
    Obama has a special place waiting for him in Hell.   

    You are far better in JAIL you would get better treatment all the Medicare you need round the clock supervision showers everyday television when you want laptop till ten pm care home shower if your lucky three times a week bed at 7 pm supervision Nill food if your lucky shall I go on I vote prison all day long

    My son spent just under 2 years in county facilities. He received limited health care (pull teeth rather than filling a cavity, no stitches for head wound). The TV was ruled by either the guards or the biggest ethnic population. The food: at 5:30 a.m., you got a small carton of milk, two slices of bread, a slice each of cheese and bologna, small apple, gruel. Dinner, yeah that meal included your lunch, was a less than filling arrangement of poor nutritional choices.
    I have to believe this medical fiasco will get the wrinkles ironed. Refusing care to anyone can't be an option.

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    Hi Bob wrong country they get everything over here

    Subsistence is all any of them need. Humane, but no luxury or perks. I'd like to see more rehabilitation efforts being made, which I know is difficult.

    Back Rand Paul. He is fighting to get Obamacare repealed. This is the truth of Obamacare. It is a death sentence for anyone on medicare and ssi. The government does not want to keep paying out on either if the person is not fit to work and pay into the tax system. People laughed every time I tried to tell them this, now reality is here and they are finding out what exactly Obamacare is all about. It's a legal killing machine. 

    The whole medical industry is a fraud since the 20's where it was paid for by the ruling elite families. The different political parties don't answer to the population but to them, so who you vote for has no difference since it is the same hand ruling them and they all will do the same thing in important questions to follow their agenda. That is why so many people are sick and still believe in medicine. If you can swallow this pill then you can do the following. Clean out your kidneys with herbal formulas and natural supplements and organic food. Dr. Christopher has the 'lower bowel formula' and the 'kidney formula'. It will clean out and rebuild your kidneys. Then you can follow with the liver formula and then the blood stream formula. Then you can do his three day juice cleanse. Or go see a Chinese herbalist if you have lots of money. Get some natural supplements, not vitamin pills, such as monotonaceous earth, barley grass, plant derived minerals, nutritional yeast etc. This can be mixed into a glass of rice milk or so. Make smoothies and juices, no ready made ones. Good luck! And avoid sweeteners and taste enhancer E602. They were given us by this ruling elite because they are crazy. Don't worry about them - live well instead. And get a mini trampoline from Dr. Christopher.

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