what are morals

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    Morals are a set of beliefs or guide lines that people follow based on their culture or society. Morals are almost always different for individuals because morals are based on an individual's interpretation of what's good.

    Example, anti abortion people think abortion is immoral while pro abortion think it's immoral to force the woman to have a baby who will grow up in a negative environment.

    Most cultures have a different set of morals based on religion or philosophy.

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    @WD...Since you've asked, my morals in a word, are now and always have been, based on honesty! I am now and always have been, an independent thinker, who cannot be TOLD what conclusion to reach. I can figure it out myself. As stated in my profile, I read much more than I type but because I refuse to comment on everything I read, some may think that I am missing a lot. Don't be too sure of that! I am watching and waiting for answers, the same as the remaining members are doing.

    Morals are meant to guide humans to do the right thing always. Morals are an essential part of our society, and that is what differentiates humans from animals. Once you learn a moral, it does not change with time or lose its value. You will follow it no matter what because it functions at a subconscious level. If you have never lied since childhood, then it is possible that you will never lie for the rest of your life. That is why most people when they like eventually end up confiding to god or the person they have lied to, it is their morals that makes them do it.Good morals are the ones that make you choose the right thing over the bad thing. Every circumstance in life brings us with two choices. One will be good and the other bad. What we choose is what our morals ask us to do. People have different morals in the society. Some they learn from their parents, some from their own experiences, some due to religion and some from other people’s experiences. Once these morals are accepted by us, they become the voice in our heads and dictate the right thing to do for the rest of our lives.

    As a person grows old, they learn more and more morals. That is why older people are always considered wiser than younger ones. Moral is a principle that is unwavering and has a standard way of showing up in our lives.

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    Morality originated in the brain as an intuitive sense of what was necessary for group cohesion. For example, the protection of family and friends against predators or enemies and the group effort to aid in the rearing of children. Then as societies became larger different cultures refined, clarified, and expanded moral codes and the science of ethics was born. Morals are not god given, they are human constructs that have evolved and are maintained because they work. How efficacious would a society be if you could murder anyone that made you angry or a person could steal whatever they desired? Moral codes are the basis for law and order on which every society depends, some more equitable than others, but the principle is the same. So, morals are biological in origin, but evolved culturally.


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