can i use the diff internals from a 97 chev rear an put it in a 2002 chevy the truck rearends are diffrent 1 is 6 lug the other is 5 an 1 is drum an 1 disk i just wont to swap the guts if i can

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    Try these guys, they are mechanics > 

    My guess is if the lugs are different, then no, even changing the drums would not work as the drums are created for a specific axle end. Then to change from drum to disc? I think you would have to change your breaking system too. Why piece meal? What's the point?


    my 2002 truck the gear are breaking what i was wanting to know is my 97 trucks rear is the same 10 bolt same size everything except lugs & brakes i want to take the 97 gears & put them in the 2002 the reason why is i checked 8 diff salvage yard for a used rear for the 02 and the cheapest was $480.00 if i pull it so thats the point if it will it will cost only fluid & gaskets Ooh! an thanks for the link

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